In 2022, Web3 is sweeping the global venture capital circle:

In March, Microsoft participated in the investment in the Ethereum ecological development company ConsenSys, which sounded the clarion call to enter Web3;

Tencent targeted the Web3 track for the first time, announcing its participation in a US$200 million investment in Immutable, an Australian NFT game company;

Alibaba acquired the South China Morning Post, the highest-selling English-language newspaper in Hong Kong, and established an NFT company called Artifact Labs to dive deeper into Web3.

In addition, world-renowned investment institutions such as Sequoia Capital, SoftBank, and Temasek have already entered the forefront, and Wbe3 is becoming a global investment hotspot!

However, water can carry a boat or overturn it, and there are still many deficiencies and defects in the blockchain industry. Crisis of trust, black box operation, self-stealing and security issues; backward technology, primary technical architecture, applying templates; becoming a tool for hype… All these problems require users to pay, making users completely unequal in the transaction. status. Therefore, the industry needs a more professional team and a more structured technical team to complete historic changes, change the development status of exchanges, and also handle high-concurrency transactions quickly and stably, improve the efficiency and fault tolerance of the system from the bottom, and ensure users’safety. Financial security.

In this opportunity of coexistence of assets and opportunities, how to seize the opportunity and explore assets is already expected, but how to go? Maybe the answer lies in the GAEA Gaia Mother Earth


Gaea Ancient Greek Γαία, English: Gaia (Gaea) is the god of the earth in ancient Greek mythology. Gaia is described in the theogony as the mother and consort of Uronus, the god of the sky, the source of all life. The rock is also considered to be the representation of the earth and is the oldest element.


GAEA, the source code network in the era of web3.0 has been developed for more than three decades. We moved forward bit by bit from the early days of Web 1.0, dominated by static text and images, until the rise of Web 2.0 brought the Internet we know today, a web world dominated by centralized platforms. Today, we are at the beginning of the Web 3.0 era. In the era of Web 3.0, we will have ownership of data and truly own digital assets. NFT will become a value carrier, and scarce NFT works will be sold at sky-high prices. The really smart people of this age are mining and collecting valuable NFT assets. Have you caught up with the new gold rush?

GAEA, the god of the earth, is the earliest god in Greek mythology. When the world opened, she was born of Chaos. She was the mother of the gods and gave birth to many gods. The GAEA project is named after this, which represents the first force to step into the web 3.0, and the GAEA project will be the source code of the web 3.0 world.

 GX Blocks Energy was officially established in 2019. Most of the founding teams come from high-end universities such as Yale University, Columbia University and the University of California. The team mastered blockchain technology early on. In response to the web 3.0 era, they decided to create a new business model focused on addressing the market demand for blockchain technology.


The GAEA team has clear development goals. First, complete the website construction, publicity media construction, and international community construction. Then, it will start developing a decentralized trading platform. After that, it will launch NFTs and use a portion of the profits to make charitable donations.

The GAEA team has an excellent strategic vision. Through the global integration strategy, realize the integration of global development strategy, global marketing integration, global publicity and evangelism, and global digital financial construction. The GAEA building will be built gradually. Era and co-construction and sharing, consensus and win-win! The technical team of GAEA Greece GX Blocks Energy is in awe of the brilliance of the Greek 
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