Since the development of the internet, games have always played an important role, evolving into various forms with the advancement of the internet and driving its development. In the development of Web3, games naturally have not been absent. We can see various attempts made by people in the gaming field, from Play to Earn (P2E) to the current metaverse.

However, problems have also arisen. The Web3 gaming model has gradually solidified, and many games have experienced rapid development but ultimately declined just as quickly. What are the problems? What kind of games do we really need to survive in Web3 while truly helping its development?

Web3 games will not be short-lived. Although they were weak in the early stages and many novel products appeared, games are a natural human tendency, and Play to Earn games can perfectly pass the time, making them naturally correct. Once a game with strong playability and a mature business model appears, it will quickly attract a large number of traditional players to enter Web3 games.


On March 30th, MetaBase, a Web3 platform with a welfare theme, made an appearance on Binance Live in a character interview format. The revolutionary web3 platform, which took a year and a half to develop, was introduced to players for the first time, with over 5,500 online viewers tuning in to the live stream. MetaBase ( aims to create a virtual social network full of fun and creativity. In this world, users can participate in NFT blind box games to obtain valuable NFT badges and land assets, and even earn more rewards through NFT staking. Additionally, MetaBase provides an NFT trading market to facilitate NFT transactions and exchanges. Through MetaBase, users can interact with players worldwide, make like-minded friends, and create a creative and fun metaverse world together.

During the Binance Live interview, the MetaBase project stated that MetaBase is a Web3.0 platform with a full ecosystem that aims to create a thriving ecosystem within the Web3.0 framework, including NFT forging, GameFi, DAO governance, NFT Swap, and NFTFi. The ultimate goal is to provide global players with easy and happy access to Web3.0’s full benefits! It was also mentioned that MetaBase will open a global genesis node recruitment program from April 2nd to 15th, during which players worldwide can participate in the election on the official website to obtain rich MetaBase metaverse ecological rights.

The MetaBase Global Genesis Node Recruitment Plan is as follows:

Election details:

(1) Time: April 2nd, 9:00 – April 15th, 24:00 (SGT)

(2) Quota: 150 Genesis Nodes

Election rules:

(1) To participate in the Global Genesis Node election, 0.2 BNB must be deposited in advance into the designated smart contract (ranking will be based on the number of valid addresses that deposited 0.2 BNB upon invitation).

(2) All participating addresses will share 1,000,000 MBAS at the public offering price of 0.1 USDT/MBAS, and the remaining BNB will be returned directly.

For example, if there are 10,000 participating addresses in the entire network, each address can obtain 1,000,000 / 10,000 = 100 MBAS (worth 10 USDT). If the real-time price of BNB is 300 USDT, the value of 0.2 BNB is 60 USDT. After deducting 10 USDT, the remaining BNB will be returned to the address.

(3) Genesis Nodes will receive the following rewards:

a. Territory rewards (must add LP to activate)

  • 1-50, 5-star territory
  • 51-100, 4-star territory
  • 101-150, 3-star territory

b. Public offering price exchange rights (0.1 USDT/MBAS):

  • 1-50, 1 BNB quota
  • 51-100, 0.6 BNB quota
  • 101-150, 0.3 BNB quota.

It can be exchanged at any time by depositing into the smart contract address.

c. Genesis Nodes can receive a 5% daily bonus from the MetaBase fortune mystery box game prize pool.

For example, if 1,000,000 USDT worth of MBAS participates in the game daily, each Genesis Node can receive: 1,000,000 x 5% = 50,000 / 150 ≈ 333 USDT worth of MBAS, each Genesis Node can receive a daily reward of 333 USDT worth of MBAS.

(4) Upgrading and elimination of Genesis Nodes: Based on the expansion of territories, the elimination process will be determined by the number of fairy NFTs.

Players can upgrade their territories by combining and upgrading fairy NFTs. Upgrades are granted from Earth territory (1-star) -> Planetary territory (2-star) -> Galactic territory (3-star) -> Star Empire territory (4-star) -> Cosmic Nexus territory (5-star). When a Cosmic Nexus territory (5-star) is obtained, it will replace the Genesis Node with the least number of valid addresses (ranking will be based on the order of entry).

The MetaBase global genesis node recruitment program reveals as a Web3 platform with an extremely low participation threshold. The developers hope to attract more players to participate in the node election without excessively favoring genesis node rights, striking a balance between fairness and sustainability. Even for the top 50 founder nodes, the exchange quota is only 1 BNB, and a strict upgrade and elimination mechanism has been established to prevent genesis players from being inactive, allowing new players to have the potential to compete on the same level. Additionally, the MetaBase ( team has put significant effort into the fortune mystery box game design, creating a powerful ecosystem to enable players to achieve a “full win” experience from entering to upgrading to exiting, resulting in a self-propagating effect.

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Finally, MetaBase’s sustained attention on Binance Live is closely related to its gaming philosophy, as it aims to create a virtual social network full of fun and creativity for users. The responsibility of game developers today is to create interesting and exciting games because no matter how many profit opportunities there are, players will not flock to a monotonous and boring game. In my opinion, games should return to the essence of entertainment. A good product should enable players to have a great time and meet their fundamental entertainment needs, allowing them to obtain the additional value brought by Web3 and naturally enter Web3 games. From the experience perspective, MetaBase has already achieved the unity of entertainment and economics.

Web3 games are not simply a combination of blockchain and games but a new form that requires comprehensive support from underlying infrastructure, economic models, and operational strategies. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and MetaBase has already ignited the sparks of innovation and is showing signs of wildfire growth! According to the MetaBase official website, the global founder node recruitment program will end on April 15th and officially open to global players. Judging from the current community attention, MetaBase is still worth anticipating!

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