At 21:00 on March 21, 2022 (GMT+8), representatives of the STAR community brought 1500,000,000 Tokens to the conference site and had a wonderful interaction with more than 500 participants. There were up to a thousand spectators waiting outside the conference room. The benefits were distributed through multiple rounds of lottery draws, and even lucky winners received a huge reward of 300,000,000 Tokens, and gave specific answers to the questions raised at the conference. The details are as follows:

Moderator: Today is an online thousand-person conference jointly held by representatives of the Star China Alliance community and the official community. In this meeting, one of the leaders of the Star community of the SHIB team will be invited to explain to us the layout of Star, the value of Star, and the benefits of Star. Ecology and the future of Star. Next, let’s invite Jacky Davis to our meeting.

Moderator: Welcome Mr. Jacky Davis to our air conference, and I welcome you on behalf of the Star China community.

Star community representative: Thank you for the invitation of the Star China community, which allowed me to cross time and space to come to a powerful China and meet this group of excellent partners. My name is Jacky Davis, from the SHIB team Star community. I will briefly explain the original intention of the Star community and its establishment. development plan.

Moderator: Okay, please.

Star Community Representative: Dear Star Chinese Community Players:

Hello! Let me briefly introduce the Star community. The Star community originates from the SHIB team. It is a digital autonomous community spontaneously established by a group of metaverse industry believers. I hope to use the wealth once obtained in SHIB to build a seamless link and low latency dedicated to the metaverse. Satellite network, and expect more consensus people to experience the charm of the metaverse industry with us.

Star Community is a non-profit organization. Our team is composed of freelance investors from many countries around the world, covering the United States, France, Switzerland, Singapore, Japan, Indonesia and other countries.

The Star community is committed to the construction of the Metaverse satellite network, the layout and development of digital asset-related industries such as Metaverse ecological construction, community dividend sharing, and community external relations.

The Star community has been paying attention to the application of blockchain technology. The blockchain represents a change in a great era, because this technology will bring to mankind another great invention after the Internet. It will penetrate into every area of development in our world. Gradually enter a truly technological society, and everyone has the opportunity to obtain great value.

The application of blockchain technology has revolutionized the way of finance on Wall Street and most of the world, just as the emergence and popularization of the Internet brought us prosperity and wealth. But the biggest role of the Internet is that it has spawned many industrial oligarchs, and it has not fundamentally allowed us to share prosperity. It is also the focus of all the anger and extremism in society today. Among them, the Russian-Ukrainian war is the best example.

The Star community has been thinking about whether it can come up with some new solutions to this inequality problem? I have been thinking about how to redistribute wealth by some means. For example: Can wealth be pre-distributed? Can we change the way wealth is created at the source, can we create wealth through technological means, attract more people to participate in the ecosystem, and ensure that they are paid equally?

Through the wealth accumulated in SHIB, the Star community began to lay out the metaverse industry, and innovatively proposed the concept of “infinite circulation, wireless destruction, infinite ranking, and infinite value-added, which has won the participation and praise of more than 100 large communities around the world. I am very proud of this.

The Star community will develop the Metaverse industry ecology in depth through the combined Starchain system, and will form multiple autonomous communities around the Metaverse ecology, generating a large amount of transaction data and circulation data. In the future, the Star Metaverse will open up the physical boundaries of the real world and expand the application scenarios from the economic and financial fields of the Metaverse to all aspects of daily life and daily life. The development direction of the Star community that conforms to the trend of the times will receive the support of various forces. The future Star community may become a model for the global digital asset community.

Finally, I would like to tell you that I love China very much, and we look forward to reaching a closer cooperation with the market here. This is of course inseparable from the support and encouragement of all of you. The Star community will also give more support for the development and development of the market. To provide assistance, we will strive to seize every opportunity to make all assumptions a reality and help all participants get the most value. Here, on behalf of the Star community, I warmly welcome and look forward to all of you joining us. We will share the bright future of technology and wealth with you. thank you all! !

Moderator: Thank you Mr. Jacky Davis for his wonderful speech. Next, I will have a few questions for you to ask. I read in your letter to the players that you have gained a great wealth from SHIB, you can give us Can you tell me how much it is?

Star community representative: Haha, we can talk about this matter. The Star community has joined the SHIB team since August 2020, and it has grown from a few people at the beginning to several thousand people now, all over the world. The Star community has always been a firm SHIB team. The supporters of the company have accumulated a million-fold increase in dividends, and most of the founding members of the community have received tens of millions or even over 100 million US dollars in dividends.


Moderator: I read your letter and said that you regretted the behavior of selling SHIB. May I ask which aspects do you mean by regret?

Star community representative: The regret I said is that the Star community has not been able to do more ecological construction for SHIB. Until now, the Star community is still one of the communities with the largest holdings of SHIB. Star is a completely decentralized community. The voting mechanism is used to determine the final direction of the community. In 2021, we see the development prospects of the metaverse. Through the voting of all members of the community, we decided to build a delay-free metaverse network based on Starlink.

Moderator: Okay, so that’s the case, can you come and talk to us about the future development direction of the Star community?

Star community representative: First of all, the Star community is built around how to allow members to get more dividends. We hope that the first metaverse ecology launched by Star can lead everyone to get tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of dollars just like when we were in the SHIB team. dividend.

Moderator: It seems that everyone’s financial freedom is at hand, so how can we participate in the ecological construction of Star and get dividends?

Star community representative: As I said earlier, Star is a fully autonomous community. It has grown from a few people to thousands of people, and the benefits of its members are also different. The Star community has adopted an advanced mechanism to calculate the members earned income. To put it simply, the earlier you participate, the larger the proportion of ecological construction and the higher the income. This is also the difference between the dividends of community members from 10 million to 100 million.

Moderator: Is it understandable that the more Star Tokens I hold, the more ecological dividends I get?

Star community representative: It can be understood that the global airdrop has begun. More than 100 large communities around the world have reached cooperation with us. The demand for Star Token is far lower than our airdrop. It is foreseeable that Star Token will only need one The launch will usher in an explosive growth, ten times, a hundred times the situation may occur.

Moderator: The increase is tenfold and a hundredfold, so I have to quickly mobilize my friends to participate, and seize the time to seize the first wave of airdrops and the first wave of dividends.

Star community representative: You are right, apart from time, a large amount of holding is also a way to get dividends. For example, if you buy $1,000 of Star Token and buy $10,000 of Star Token when you go online, you will have a lot of money. There is a big difference in dividends. In the case of adding 1,000 consensus members, there will be a nearly 1,000-fold difference in income between holding $1,000 Star Token and holding $10,000 Star Token, just like when the Star community joined the SHIB team. Some people got tens of millions of dollars in dividends, and some people got hundreds of millions of dollars in dividends.


Moderator: There is such a big gap. Is there a faster way to obtain ecological dividends?

Star community representative: Of course, Star Token adopts the mechanism of infinite ranking, infinite destruction, infinite circulation, and infinite increase to ensure that consensus participants continue to receive dividends in the process of trading tokens. For example, by purchasing a large number of tokens to obtain ranking dividends, Purchase Tokens at a specific time to get sharing dividends. In addition, in addition to a large number of holdings and purchases to obtain dividends, setting up your own community is also a way to quickly obtain ecological dividends, because the holding and purchase behaviors of each member of the community are related to you.

Moderator: I would like to ask again, why does Star distribute so many bonuses to members of the community?

Star community representative: This is a very good question. First of all, the Star community hopes that more consensus people can get asset freedom like we joined SHIB. Star’s metaverse plan also needs more consensus people to support, Star is just a community launch The first ecology of , with the increase of consensus, the pace of ecological construction will also speed up. Star is completely different from other ecosystems that need to be raised, because we are supported by the huge wealth obtained through SHIB. This is not difficult to see from the distribution mechanism. The 2% ecological construction ratio cannot completely satisfy the ecological construction of the Star Metaverse, and the rest 98% of it will be funded by the Star founding team, so as to complete Star’s original idea of a seamless link low-latency metaverse satellite network.

Moderator: So this is Star’s idea. So, does the Star community have anything to do with Mr. Musk?

Star community representative: When I was in the SHIB team, I had the honor to meet Mr. Musk. Therefore, the Star community voted unanimously to build Star’s metaverse satellite network system based on Mr. Musk’s Starlink network. The Star community also cooperated with Blizzard’s The well-known game studio of Star has been in close contact to conduct in-depth communication for Star’s metaverse 2.0 or even 3.0 ecological vision.

Host: Wow, it turns out that there is such a huge ecological concept behind Star. Now I would like to ask what you want to say to the players in the Star China community?

Star community representative: First of all, I would like to thank the Star China community for inviting me to participate in this air event. I also feel your enthusiasm. Now China is getting stronger and stronger, and all industries can see the friendly faces of Chinese people. , the Star community also expects more Chinese players to join. We will cherish every consensus from this great eastern country, and promote the convergence of Eastern and Western cultures in the Star Metaverse, transcending the boundaries of time and space between communities, and jointly conquering the metaverse industry. Sea of stars. I look forward to seeing you all again in the Star Metaverse and firmly believe that this day is coming.

Moderator: Thank you Mr. Jacky Davis for his appreciation to the Chinese community. I believe that the Chinese community will also fully support the ecological construction of the Star Metaverse. Mr. Jacky Davis, today, the number of participants in our online conference is close to 1,000. Next, we will take a few minutes of your time to interact with players in our Chinese community and answer a few questions related to Star. Next, please leave a message in the comment area, and I will randomly select five questions to answer:

Group friend asked: Mr. Jacky Davis, how many zeros do you think Star can go to in the end?

Star community representative: We have participated in the development of SHIB and experienced the increase of hundreds of thousands of times of SHIB. We also hope that Star can achieve an increase of hundreds of thousands of times like SHIB. Of course, this requires the joint efforts of everyone. In addition, the biggest difference between Star and SHIB is the ecological application of Star. The goal of Star is to build a Metaverse satellite network ecosystem to encourage more community participants to obtain the industrial dividends of the Metaverse. I believe these differences are enough to promote Star to surpass The height of the SHIB.

Group friends asked: How much will Star’s infinite loop and destruction mechanism be destroyed in the end?

Star community representative: We hope that through the efforts of all Star enthusiasts, we will eventually destroy 20 billion pieces, of which 10 billion we hope players will hold, and the other 10 billion will be held by Mr. Musk, to help Mr. Musk’s Star Chain plan, as soon as possible Realize the construction of Star’s metaverse network.

Group friends asked: What is Star’s pot, and when are you going to withdraw?

Star community representative: In order to allow more people to enjoy the initial value-added dividends, Star has set up a pot of 30,000 USD + 900 billion Star Tokens. We will also gradually increase the pot according to the actual situation. I believe that through the joint efforts of everyone, our The pot will be as high as 300 million, 3 billion or more. Regarding the question of when to withdraw the pool, we plan to destroy the certificate, so there will never be a withdrawal of the pool.

Group friends asked: What is Star’s slippage mechanism?

Star community representative: The original intention of Star’s slippage mechanism design is to allow more people to enjoy the dividends of industrial construction. The slippage mechanism consists of two aspects: buying and selling. In the mechanism ratio, we focus on rewarding the early and late buyers of each round. This mechanism can better allow Star to form an infinite cycle of purchase and destruction, and it is also more conducive to market sharing and promotion.

Questions from group friends: Is Star on the centralized exchange?

A: The reason why Star is issued based on BSC actually hides our ambitions, because Binance’s listing rules only require 5,000 real and valid users and active transactions, we may get Binance Exchange without any cost. This is just a small goal of Star, and our future is to launch Coin base.

Moderator: Dear partners, our meeting is coming to an end. Thank you again Mr. Jacky Davis for his sharing, thank you for your cooperation throughout the meeting, thank the core members of the SHIN community for coming to this group, and thank the bloggers of the major currency circles for their support. For your support, thanks to the global Star Alliance community, please pay close attention to the latest developments in the Star community. This is the end of today’s meeting. Next, let the sea of stars in the original universe industry witness the rapid growth of Star.

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